Reefco Aquariums

Brian Dunleavy founded Reefco in 2012 after gaining over 15 years experience as a hobbyist and retail at several local fish stores. Initially focused on aquarium maintenance and service for both saltwater and freshwater, he has now opened a retail showroom that features a large variety of fish and aqua-cultured corals.

Here, only on weekends, is your opportunity to view Brian’s store, aqua-culture facility, and purchase a large variety of corals from zoanthids, LPS, and SPS corals. These corals are mostly well-known branded corals from reputable collectors. Visit and choose a selection across seven 6’ frag tanks, a 3’ frag tank, and a 220 gallon display.

Brian and the Reefco staff are all passionate hobbyists each with their own home aquariums.  They are happy to assist you with your next coral purchase or any aspect of your aquarium set-up.

Contact them or come by for maintenance help, reefing supplies, or your next coral.