Joe Yaiullo

Long Island Aquirium Curator and Co-founder

As a kid, Joe spent much of his childhood maintaining home aquariums and exploring the marine life surrounding Long Island, New York. Now he gets paid to basically do what he did as a kid and has been keeping reef tanks for over 29 years. Joe earned a B.S. in Marine Science from LIU Southampton College’s marine science program, and worked for 8 years (1987-1995) at the NY Aquarium in Brooklyn, New York as Senior Aquarist. Starting in 1987, Joe ...

Bob Stark

ESV Aquarium Products Owner

Born in Queens, New York, Bob Stark has been a marine aquarist for 50 years. He graduated from the Southampton campus of Long Island University in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology. For the next 27 years he worked as a chemical engineer at his family's chemical specialty company, ESV Company Inc. During this time he privately maintained marine aquaria and was caught up in the revolutionary wave of reef aquariums when it hit the United ...

Tom Dachille

Neptune Systems Sales Manager

Tom has been in the hobby for over 18 years now, and started his carrer at Neptune Systems after he had already been installing Apex systems as his primary job at a retail and service company in NYC. Tom has a great wealth of knowledge about how to get the most of the APEX Controller and all of it's components.